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About NE Indiana’s &
NW Ohio’s Premier DJ Company

Adrian was Born in northern Indiana, growing up traveling throughout the United States then returning to Indiana close to 2001.  At a young age he noticed he had a knack, almost sixth sense for music selection, which led him to working in the party event industry.  Starting while in high school he began working event centers eventually leading to DJing/MCing and Managing full scale social functions. After returning to Indiana, Adrian continued to work in various event and party venues as DJ multiple times a week and weekend.  Functions consisted of planning, building, and preforming, custom playlists covering (ALL) music genres and styles.  Growing in popularity from DJing events, customers began asking if he did mobile events such as corporate functions, schools parties, birthdays, weddings, car shows, etc which led him to offer mobile DJ services.  Being a lifelong music fan and connoisseur has aided him in providing high quality service for customers.  To continue to improve customer service, he has earned a social studies and Business Administration bachelors and is currently working on a master’s in psychology degree.  With countless events adding to his experience, Adrian will bring an elite style to rock any event!

Choosing the DJ is a huge part of every event.

  • We are Established & Professional
  • Available
  • Experienced
  • Offering Up to Date Correct Music
  • MCing
  • Pre party review method that works!  We make sure you don’t miss any options to personalize your event and make it memorable and in your style.

Your DJ will be on time, dressed properly, experienced and professionally trained to help make your event as perfect as it can be.

Professionalism is the key…

  • We take pride in providing quality researched music to the customer.
  • You will get more than just a music DJ, You get a professional committed to the quality you deserve at your party.
  • Your DJ is a trained master of ceremonies announcer, day of coordinating specialist, equipment professional, beat mixing pro, and a pro-game activity coordinator.

Party success is grounded in careful preparation

  • The party will be uniquely pre-planned to your personal set style while giving it a customized, coherent feel made from your specific input.
  • We understand that different groups prefer different styles of music, so we adjust the music to fit you and your guest’s preferences. If you’d like we can take requests, while making appropriate choices.
  • From booking to planning, we are there to assist with any questions you may have. We also can communicate by texting, e-mails or directly on the website through your private planning area, which means you will have input into every aspect of your choosing, whenever you want. If we see something that may help create a better atmosphere we will advise you to any unanticipated or forgotten arrangements.
  • During your party the music volume will never be overwhelming or too loud…unless you indicate you want that type of party.  To insure a comfortable volume level at your party, we set up early and adjust all sound levels specifically for the party hall or room, which is another preference you can choose from.

Please note:

  • Sincerely Good Music understands that you are sharing a very important event with us, and we will do everything we can to help you create positive lasting memories for many years to come.
  • Our main goal is customer satisfaction by representing your specific desires for your event.

We Believe…

  • A professional DJ does not just play music and announce. But also coordinates the timeline with your caterer, photographer and hall to create a smooth running event.
  • A professional DJ should dress appropriately, arrive a few hours early for prep, and will not drink or smoke at your event.
  • A professional DJ should be able to “read” the crowd to pick appropriate musical selections while welcoming and placing requests in a fitting manner.
  • A professional DJ should not take breaks or stop the music unless planned. “Unlike a band, our music will not stop until the event is finished.”
  • A professional DJ should help the client personalize the event to specifications that ensure best party possible.
  • A professional DJ will have back-up equipment on hand for extra piece of mind.

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