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SGM Service Overview

2 weeks ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had Adrian dj our wedding earlier this month and I would recommend him 100%. We were on a tight budget and he worked with us to get an awesome deal. His services are worth a lot more than what he charges. We had a lot of variety of music tastes on the family and he catered to all of them while also keeping the party going and music flowing into the next song. He was super easy to work with and was super reliable. He even helped with our last minute changes to our event. This was one of the easiest and stress-free choices of our wedding day and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with his services.

2 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very down to earth but professional. Definitely capable of reading the room and maintaining a great pace.

3 months ago
Positive: Quality, Value

Great DJ for the wedding! Read the crowd perfectly and was very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

3 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

DJ was super awesome!!! Great music!! He kept us dancing all night!! Great song selection and great music selectio . He played old school, reggae, pop, old school, classic, Haitian music…He was very accommodating.

2 month ago
DJ Adrian did an amazing job, with music, lights, introductions, and etc
8 months ago
Adrian did a fantastic job with our wedding! He was extremely easy to work with and did well with keeping the party on track and reading the room. He also had great songs to add to our playlist and had everything organized properly. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ!

Chris Lambert

a year ago
My experience with this DJ was superb and was really one of the contributing factors to the success of my wedding. He is very experienced, nice, and overall a very pleasant person. Would recommend him highly.

Michelle Voss

9 months ago
We hired Adrian and SGM for two school dances this year. He tailored his set up for each venue. The lights that he provides definitely add to the experience. He worked hard to create a playlist with our students. He mixes the songs for a …

Katie Murray

a year ago
Adrian is such a wonderful and talented DJ. Very professional and great to work with. Strongly suggest having him for your next event.

DJ Urbanassault

Johnnathan L
2 months ago
Amazing! Really fun! He Made everything go smoothly. He was very personable, read the crowd well, and did an awesome job at our event.

Stacy Raptis

3 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Sydney B.

1 review


Adrian was such a pleasure to work with. Very professional and a positive attitude. He is great at selling his sound and promising you the best DJ experience. This was my first time hiring a DJ and I honestly would not have chosen anyone else to DJ my wedding. Adrian took my favorite style of music and blended it with mash ups to keep people dancing from 6pm-midnight. If you choose to work with Adrian, I promise, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Adrian for a great night and wonderful memories, my guests continue to talk about the amazing night we had on 9/5/2020!


I asked DJ music pros about the lady who gave the other review before we hired him. Well let’s just say some people that hire others still believe in indentured servants.

He was prompt, honest, and fair priced!

He did extra games that we didn’t know about going to other weddings for no charge. It was also family friendly without cuss words.

I have recommended him to other people because I believe he is the best value in entertainment. I really felt he had a good selection of music as well. He was interactive with the crowd. Adrian made our event memorable and exciting.


  1. Preparation, Advice and Consultation -We can help you choose:
    -Appropriate music
    -All special dances
    -Games and or activities
  2. We handle all the announcements
    -Guest of honor arrival
    -DJ \ crowd interaction, “to explain games and activities”
    “To keep from loosing momentum.”
  3. Unlimited requests before and during the party.
    -Requests normally are mixed into the list but can be retrieved within minutes sometimes as the next song
    -Request made not fitting to the predetermined format will be sent for approval to the party host
    “You have the final option over any musical choices”
  4. No charge set up or tear down “without music
    -2 maybe 3 hour before and one hour after
  5. Music
    -One hundred percent, digitally seamless music reproduction
    -No scratches, skips or stops in the music unless for an activity
    -Unlimited musical selections to choose from covering music from the forties till today
    -All genres
    -We also offer a custom-made ceremony CD as an option
  6. Activities
    “We provide proven effective entertainment all as planner options”
    -Optional dinner activities
    -Bouquet and Garter activities
    -Traditional party games
    -Fun and out of the ordinary games
  7. Documents and online planning aid provided after the signing include:
    -Party planners, organizers and online client planning area codes,which help organize:
    -Arrival announcements
    -Table release
    -First and special dances
    -Music choice
    -Popular and unusual party games
    -Any other ideas
  8. Other types of planners include:
    -Special party planner provided for appropriate venues
    -Pre-party guest involvement packet “for requests and activities they may want”
    -Ceremony planner
    We make organizing a breeze, “Let us help you with the planning”
  9. State of the art professional sound and lights

We have backup equipment for all components, insuring optimal performance

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