Monthly Special


  • $25 Discount
  • Free Multi Light (Sat evenings not included.)


  • $50 off  Distance$  
  • Free Setup and Down

* Offer Expires May 31rst 2018

Basic Package


  • A Professional Disc Jockey
  • Basic 2 Hours of Nonstop Music
  • Professional PA System
  • Basic Lighting

Add-ons available at reasonable prices. See below.

Premium Package


  • A Professional Disc Jockey
  • 8 Hours of Nonstop Music
  • Professional PA System
  • Basic Lighting

Add-ons available at reasonable prices.

Majestic Package


  • A Professional Disc Jockey
  • Up to 8  Hours of Nonstop Music
  • Dinner/Cocktail Hour Music of your choice.
  • Professional PA System
  • Enhanced Lighting

Add-ons available at reasonable prices.


Ask about our great add-ons that will help take your party over the top and leave your guests in awe! Any of the following add-ons can be added to any package for an additional fee.

  • Wireless wedding PA ceremony system & microphone
  • Photo booth
  • Dancing on a cloud (Low lying fog) for first dance
  • Uplighting
  • Additional effects lighting (mirror ball, laser, dancefloor lighting)
  • Ultra sound system for bigger crowds
  • Battery Powered Sound for Remote Ceramonies
  • Fog/Haze
  • Wedding & party games

For more details, press the package pricing button below.

Call us for availability.

Do you want to take your event over the top?


All our packages include:

  • Preportation advice and consultation -We can help you choose:
    -Appropriate music
    -All special dances
    -Games and or activities
  • We handle all the announcements
    -Guest of honor arrival
    -DJ \ crowd interaction, “to explain games and activities”
    “To keep from loosing momentum.”
  • Unlimited requests before and during the party.
    -Requests normally are mixed into the list but can be retrieved within minutes sometimes as the next song
    -Request made not fitting to the predetermined format will be sent for approval to the party host
    “You have the final option over any musical choices”
  • No charge set up or tear down “without music
    -Two maybe 3 hour before and one hour after
  • Music
    -One hundred percent, digitally seamless music reproduction
    -No scratches, skips or stops in the music unless for an activity
    -Unlimited musical selections to choose from covering music from the forties till today
    -All genres
    -We also offer a custom-made ceremony CD as an option
  • State of the art professional sound and lights
  • Activities
    “We provide proven effective entertainment all as planner options”
    -Optional dinner activities
    -Bouquet and Garter activities
    -Traditional party games
    -Fun and out of the ordinary games
  • Documents and online planning aid provided after the signing include:
    -Party planners, organizers and online client planning area codes,which help organize:
    -Arrival announcements
    -Table release
    -First and special dances
    -Music choice
    -Popular and unusual party games
    -Any other ideas
  • Other types of planners include:
    -Special party planner provided for appropriate venues
    -Pre-party guest involvement packet “for requests and activities they may want”
    -Ceremony planner
    We make organizing a breeze, “Let us help you with the planning”

We have backup equipment for all components, insuring optimal performance

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